CR-Tech Killbot

CR-Tech contracts from companies all over the world, and in doing so acquires funding for projects that are beyond normal household and quality of life designations. Military operations is another part of their funding and the end result is a mechanical monstrosity that, if ever went out of control, could be very lethal to the human race. The Kilo Mk 2 series Robot was designed as a duty battle droid of frontline assault, armed with an array of weapons, onboard, and issued the Kilo Mk 2 Series Robot has been dubbed the “Killbot” by it’s buyers. They also serve to strengthen CR-Tech’s most private lab defenses and guard valuable assets.

Special Abilities
The Killbots onboard weapons as well as their defensive adaptations make them very versatile and lethal. First off since they are robots they don’t suffer from the effects of gas, poisons, or disease, they can withstand the pressures of the deep ocean up to three miles, and they also can survive in space. Their outer shell is composed of depleted uranium, coated in ablative titanium alloy. This is also covered over with a thin layer of light sensitive plastic giving the Killbot a form of active camouflage. This is in addition to their form fitting force field which gives the Killbot additional protection from damage. The main armament of the Killbot is its single Heavy Particle beam canon which can chew through a tank in less than three seconds. Two small lasers are mounted on each wrist, these can cut steel like a hot knife through butter. To enforce the arsenal is two 23mm slug cannons which have 40 rounds each. From different secret panels the Killbot is equipped with small rocket propelled grenades, these mini-missile are 16 in total and can easily devastate a building with a four shot barrage. Finally the Killbot is equipped with two Medium Range Missiles capable of instantly destroying an armored transport, each missile has a range of one mile. Killbots are program with rudimentary hand to hand combat skills as well as equipped with multiple sensors, that include infrared, nightvision, and satellite communications uplinks.

The Killbot is sometimes equipped with a larger version of the CR-Tech Plasma Rifle.

Height: 12' 0"
Weight: 7580 lbs.
Age: N/A
Gender: N/A
Race: Robot
Hair Color: N/A
Eye Color: Red
Blood Type: N/A

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