Kryos only believes in one thing, and that is CR-Tech is helping the world. To this end he has been brainwashed to loyally follow orders. Unlike H-Bomb, or Amp, Kryos is one of the more successful trials that CR-Tech’s Bio-Weapons division has produced. His mind has been imprinted by tragedy, and rebirth, all of it fake. His Mother and Father died, they lost in a storm at sea, and Kryos a young boy, getting tossed overboard and surviving from the manifestation of his powers and picked up and cared for by CR-Tech.

Special Abilities
Kryos’ body seems to emit a sub-zero field around him. This causes everything in a ten foot vicinity him to turn frozen and brittle. Kryos can use the water in the air to create ice, his ability to freeze moisture is overwhelming in nature. He will usually create shards of razor sharp ice that he directs towards his opponents. Also he has been known to freeze people solid. He has also encased his opponents in ice ether suffocating them or just imprisoning them. Kyros’ field of cold is so intense that even fast moving projectiles tend to freeze to a brittle state and shatter upon impact with his body.

Kryos not being like H-Bomb, or Amp in that he has no natural physical or energy protection (ice still hurts if it hit skin going fast enough) so Kyros is outfitted with a suit that is designed to withstand hyper-sub-zero temperatures. This suit not only acts as armor but caused Kryos’ cold field to be halved in effective range. Yet this protects him from shattering ice particles and provides some measure of protection versus energy attacks.

Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Engineered Human
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Blood Type: Unknown

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