Bobby Winifred was always being picked on at school, he was always the unpopular kid, and on top of that his father would beat and abuse him. That was until Bobby started to have odd headaches that would start and stop suddenly. Then one day Bobby’s father was brutally throttling him while drunk, trying to crawl away Bobby’s hand fell upon the pause button on the VCR’s remote. Bobby’s father had stopped hitting him, and when he turned to look he saw his father, with a shocked expression, frozen in mid-swing. Bobby had unwittingly triggered his mutant power in which he could control time. He realized that with a remote control in his hands he could manipulate time in a very liner fashion. He kept watch and continuously kept his father frozen on pause to die of lack of sustenance. With his father’s dying breath Bobby Winifred became Remote, the man who controls you.

Special Abilities
Remotes power over time is very limited but allows him to get away with many things. His power is a directed time control field, which encompasses a person and lets Remote give a series of commands. The duration of these effects is limited to one day, but Remote can choose to keep that person suspended for more than a day by staying in the area and reinstating the effect. He can also affect up to only twenty people at a time. Pause will stop a person but they will still be able to see, hear, feel, touch, taste, and smell, they just can’t move. Stop will completely freeze a person in time, they will have no recollection of anything that has happened as time goes by in the real world, when a person is on “Stop” they will not age, or need sustenance. Fast-forward tends to make people move out of control, usually Remote likes to Stop a person. Then place them in front of a wall, or in the middle of the road and then hit fast-forward. With that effect the person runs right into the wall injuring themselves, or runs right into a vehicle, in effect killing themselves. Rewind is used in conjunction with Fast-Forward, Remote usually will stop someone place them in front of a wall and then tap fast-forward, then rewind, repeating the process until a person runs into the wall so much that they are unconscious or dead. Play sets a person back to normal but is rarely used by Remote. Remote uses his powers for small time criminal activity, such as robbing a bank, or stealing items.

Remote carries a VCR remote control, if destroyed (or if the batteries run out) Remote is rendered helpless unless he can get his hands on a new remote control.

Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Race: Meta Human
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Blood Type: O-

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