Ricon The Conqueror

Ricon is known as “The Conqueror” for that is what he does, those who do not join his ranks are destroyed, and those who do join his ranks are his slaves to command. Ricon is much like Demon Raol with only one difference. Raol plots, and schemes, manipulates and toys, making him much more dangerous. Ricon is anything but subtle, he wants only one thing total domination. However in the past Ricon, and Raol’s paths have crossed which ended in a stalemate. Then once Raol acquired Gethren, Ricon had no choice but to call a truce, now if ever their paths cross again, they will deal and come to terms, but they will never attempt to interfere with each others plans.

Special Abilities
Ricon has tremendous strength, with his great strength he has turned mountains into rubble, and once single handedly crushed a starship in a single blow. Ricon himself is nearly invulnerable, able to withstand a direct hit from a nuclear device, and survive in space without food, water or air, and likes to boast it. He also has his signature attack, his “Gaze of Death” which is a focused form of energy attack that is in the form of rays that emit from his eyes, these rays are to date ninety percent lethal, and only the most powerful of opponents, like Demon Raol, have survived. most times there is a electrical field that surrounds Ricon making it difficult if not impossible to engage him in hand to hand combat. Every second that a person is in a five foot range of Ricon they are electrocuted, Ricon can shut down this field at will. Ricon can also fly at hypersonic speeds, teleport, and leap great distances.

Ricon carries with him a sword forged by his slaves, This sword is indestructible and sized for Ricon to use, he rarely uses his sword though because he prefers his fists. For travel he is also in command of a Space Cruiser Yacht, since he has such a variety of slaves at his disposal, the useful ones he puts to work maintaining his space cruiser yacht.

Height: 9' 0"
Weight: 600 lbs.
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Dimensional Being
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Red
Blood Type: Unknown

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